2016 Seminar on International Arbitration


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On 24 September 2016, Nicolas Audier, Bernadette Fahy and Antoine Logeay, working in cooperation with distinguished law professor Dr. Nguyen Minh Hang, presented a one-day seminar on international arbitration organized by the Vietnam Bar Federation and the French Embassy.


Around 60 Vietnamese lawyers participated in the seminar, which qualified as a compulsory professional training course, and provided an opportunity for the presenters, and participants, to share their professional experience and expertise in international arbitration.


During the seminar, participants worked together in groups to review and analyse practical case studies (including mock supporting documents) and to present legal arguments, for both the claimant and the respondent, regarding the validity of an arbitration clause and the competing jurisdiction claims between two international arbitration institutions; and to determine if a business activity is qualified as an investment under a typical definition in a bilateral investment treaty.


The participants also had the opportunity to discuss with the presenters on new or controversial topics, such as the Permanent Tribunal for the settlement of investment-related disputes to be established pursuant to the Vietnam – European Union Free Trade Agreement; Article 420 of the new Vietnamese Civil Code and the upcoming entry into force in Vietnam of the Vienna Convention on the International Sale of Goods.


The seminar gathered not only lawyers but also representatives of arbitration institutions and leading academics. Audier & Partners would like to thank all the participants for the extremely interesting and constructive discussions during the seminar. Audier & Partners is also grateful to the Vietnam Bar Federation and the French Embassy for the efficient organization of this event and for allowing us this opportunity to share our valuable skills and experiences in this exciting legal field. We are looking forward to further opportunities to share our experience at similar events in the future. 


You can download A&P’s presentation by following this link: 24092016-Arbitration-Seminar.pptx