M&A Market: Antoine Logeay on legal reforms and opportunities for investors​


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Antoine Logeay, as Vice-Chairman of the Eurocham Legal Sector Committee, was interviewed by the Vietnam Investment Review on 6 March.


Journalists from the Vietnam Investment Review (Dau tu Chung khoan) interviewed Antoine about the recent publication of the 2017 Eurocham Withebook on Trade/Investment Issues and Recommendations. In relation to the lack of guidelines for the implementation of sub-laws in M&A, Antoine underlined one of the main issues: the fact that decisions of the Vietnam Competition Authority are not publicly disclosed, which means that investors lack clarity concerning their rights and obligations in anti-trust procedures.


In addition, Antoine highlighted some issues related to licensing procedures as supervised by local authorities. For instance, the requirement that newly appointed directors of an acquired company must provide a copy of their criminal record. While this request may be reasonable to ensure that the proposed directors are not disqualified from appointment, the procedure to obtain such criminal record may be lengthy in practice and can severely delay the management transition.


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